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Where should we incorporate?

There are various factors influencing the choice of where someone should incorporate their company.

The most important factors are:

  • Is the company to look after assets or to do business?
  • Where is the business taking place ?
  • Do I need a VAT number to do business in Europe?
  • Is the company visible? Does it have premises?

What are the reasons for incorporating a new company?

The most important reasons for incorporating a new company are:

  • So that a physical person does not directly own property in his own name, in his country of fiscal residence
  • To distance a person from his own estate for family reasons such as the possible separation of his spouse, or to plan in the event of the death of a person.
  • To do buisiness and to avoid double payment of indirect taxes such as VAT
  • To avoid double payment of taxes; for example if a company is due to pay Corporation Tax while the individual is due to pay Income Tax.

What documents are required to incorporate a company?

Guidance to what documents are required is stated here

Incorporations within Europe

Different options available are dealt with here