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Company Incorporation in Switzerland

How to start a Swiss limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Switzerland.



Advantages of incorporating in Switzerland

Private company in Switzerland suiza
Public company in Switzerland

Tax advantages may exist for international import and export companies. If you want Switzerland for business or banking secrecy, in many circumstances it is useful to have a Swiss company.

Types of companies

Switzerland is not part of the European Union, and therefore, the types of companies are different from typical ones.

  • The corporation, abbreviated SA or AG
  • The limited liability company, abbreviated SARL or GmbH

There are many types of companies different from the normal ones. Some customers ask if Swiss companies are solely intended for a business of buying and selling or brokering, externally managed by third parties who may be businessmen, lawyers, tax advisors or trusted people or other.

Reasons for a Swiss company

One possibility is to form a company and reside in Switzerland to develop with it a lucrative business. Another possibility is to relocate part of the same activity to a company based in Switzerland, that may have movable or immovable property, bank accounts, etc. either in Switzerland or internationally.

Incorporating a company in Switzerland

You must decide on a Cantonal constitution. You must have a resident manager. We can offer these services to you.