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Company Incorporation in Portugal

How to start a Portuguese limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Portugal.

Advantages of Portugal

  • Compared to Spain, it is easy to set up a company in Portugal.
  • Also, you can obtain the intra-community VAT number very easily.
  • Finally, banks are open, and there is a measure of the country's banking secrecy.

The Limited Liability Company

  • The limited liability company is the most popular vehicle for managing a business in Portugal for residents and foreigners.
  • There are no restrictions on the holding of shares in such companies, and therefore it is possible to have a company which is owned one hundred percent foreign.

Timeline to open the company

Portugal now has a system called "Empresanahora" which means you can do all the paperwork in an hour in a locality. You then have five days to open a bank account and fifteen days to register with the tax office
You require only an administrator can be any nationality and resident anywhere in the world.

The Registered Office of the Company

Every society needs a social venue where you can send official letters, in addition to controlling the company and its taxation. All records of the company should stay within the headquarters.

The tax number in Portugal

Each person who wants to be a shareholder or manager ("Manager") of a Portuguese company needs a tax identification number.

  • Only takes a day to get your number.
  • The only requirement to obtain a number, is to appoint a representative to your tax affairs in Portugal