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Company Incorporation in Poland

How to start a Polish limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Poland.



Advantages of a Polish Company


A company from Poland can be opened easily with a bank account and an intra-Community VAT number easily.

It is the company within a few weeks but in some cases, it should simply use a pre-constituted company.

How to start a company in Poland?

  • Signing the partnership agreement (ordinary or the notary - the partner company, limited partnership, partnership limited by shares, limited partnership, corporation)
  • Enter the shares in the company
  • Declare the acquisition of shares
  • Take the agreement of the list of the members of the Governing Body
  • Authenticate the signatures of members of the Governing Body
  • Submit the application for registration in the Commercial Register
  • Announce the incorporation in Economic Daily
  • Get the NIF in Finance
  • Get the number in the Statistical Institute REGON
After that, the taxpayer must register for VAT in Finance and register the company on Social Security
Other possibilities to settle in Poland

Foreign companies may also carry business in Poland in the form of branches or commercial representatives