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Company Formation in the Netherlands

How to incorporate a company in the Netherlands. Incorporation or formation of Dutch companies.



The Besloten Vennootschap (BV)


A BV can be incorporated by one or more shareholders, whether individuals or legal persons - a person or company, the Netherlands or abroad may be the only shareholder. Only one director is required for a Dutch BV. Requirements and steps for the registration of a company BV

  • The minimum deposit in the bank capital of € 18,000
  • Check the name of the company with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Send the details of the incorporator (s) and first administrator of the Ministry of Justice for approval and declaration of no objection. Until the execution of the deed of incorporation, the company can operate as under incorporation BV

What are the steps to incorporate?

  • The notary can not execute the articles of incorporation without the prior approval of the Ministry of Justice, and the issuance of a declaration of no objection.
  • The notary must see the amount of capital issued and paid and the names of the incorporator (s), shareholder (s), general managers and members of the supervisory board. If any of the parties involved (individuals or legal entities, in principle, apart from the members of the supervisory board) are not Dutch citizens, additional information may be necessary for approval. We must produce a development plan and the notary can draw up constitutions. You have to enter the business in the commercial register of the local Chamber of Commerce and obtain a registration number. The founders of the company are jointly and severally liable for each legal act done during his tenure and that binds the company to carry out registration and minimum capital required is paid.

Government Advertising

We await the publication in the Official Gazette Netherlands (Gazette) from the first registration and certain subsequent records will be required and the House.

Company registration with the Internal Revenue Service (Belastingsdienst)

We would register the company with the Internal Revenue Service.