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Company Incorporation in Morocco

How to start a Moroccan limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Morocco.



Forming a company in Morocco

Creating a company in Morocco
Running a company in Morocco

First, you must obtain the right to use a name with a "Certificat Negatif" for the name chosen in the Central Registry of Commerce "Registre Central du Commerce " or the local branch of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Company Statutes is a private document.

The signatures of the people involved need to be legalised with the Department of Legalisation in the municipal and local offices attached to the towns or "communes urbaines" or with a Moroccan Consulate abroad.

It should be noted that:

  • The document can be signed before a notary, but not necessary
  • Each sheet needs must be stamped.

The Deed has to be deposited in the Register of Commerce, which is a service attached to the secretariat of the Commercial Court in the Province where the Registered Office is..

Legal Publicity for the New Company

You have to publish data on the constitution in the legal notices section of a newspaper in the Province of incorporation and in the Official Gazette.

The advertising must include:

  • the main features of the new company
  • the date of incorporation
  • the registration number of the company, when the Statutes were lodged

Registering the company for Taxes

A Declaration of Existence of the Company has to be lodged with the Tax Office, and the company must be registered with the Registy of Patents. With the latter, a small tax will be paid.

A statement informing the "Direction des Impôts", with the Ministry of Finance and External Investment has to be lodged, stating that the company is about to have a commercial activity.