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Our legalisation and translation services for documents to be used in Spain

We can legalise documents for use in Spain or documents produced in Spain for use in other countries.

Typically we have to:

  • Notorise a document in Spain
  • Apostille the document at the Notarial College
  • Or legalise the document in the country where the document is going to be used

Translating documents for use in Spain

A Sworn Translation in Spain

A lot of times, a Sworn Translation (traducción jurada) is required in Spain. This is a specific type of translation used for some official purposes.

A Professional Translation in Spain.

Many legal processes require a professional translation, which needs to be done by people who know the subject, but not through an official translator.

Translation in other countries.

In many places, a professional translation is not required. Do not hesitate in contacting us for an explanation, regarding your concrete situation.

  • A notarized statement may serve to indicate that a stranslation is a reliable copy of the original
  • We often write and arrange the formal notarized power of attorney in dual language. While you may only understand the legal terminilogy of just one of the two languages, the version may be acceptable in both languages.

Each case is different, and it is best to talk to us about your particular circumstances.