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Company Incorporation in Ireland

How to start an Irish limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Ireland.



How to form a company in Ireland

Registered office and share capital irlanda
Official documents and company officials

Companies can be formed without a visit to Ireland; we simply need basic records of the directors and shareholders.

At the time of the constitution of society, the company promoters must be very specific about the intended objectives which is then put in the Company Deeds.

General Rules in Ireland

Directors should be individuals and not corporate entities The secretary can be a person or company and does not need to be resident in the Country The company must have a Registered Office in Ireland The Office of the Registrar of Companies does not offer same-day expedited service as available in the UK and many U.S. states.

Any changes to the structure of society will require payment of a small tax to the government The shares must be denominated in Euros (€ 's)

Tax Issues in Ireland

A company in Ireland is taxed at 12.50% on profits in Ireland. That does not mean that income derived from sources outside the country receive the same treatment.

In contrast, revenue for a company operating in foreign countries is taxed at 25%.

It is not possible to obtain a tax identification number in Ireland, without a business in the Republic, or at least the use of a virtual office there

Getting a VAT number in Ireland

An Irish company is not automatically issued with a VAT number.

To obtain a VAT number, you must state that a company has a movement of goods in Ireland, or import and export of goods to and from the country.