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Welcome to ASELSA

A professional team in Madrid for a worldwide structure




We are an internationally orientated professional company which specialises in:

  • The incorporation and maintenance of Spanish companies
  • The formation and maintenance of companies in many jurisdictions of the world
  • Translation of legal documents and documents related to companies
  • Legalising documents in Spain and abroad
  • Accounting for Spainsh companies and a large number of foreign jurisdictions
  • Administration and tax advice for companies in the UK and other countries

Incorporation and maintenance of companies

We can offer a service to assist in incorporating countries in over fifty jurisdictions. We have a practice with many years of experience in our subject, an excellent relationship with the Spanish tax authorities and with a team which is extremely qualified and belonging to highly regulated professional organisations.Where we deal with corporate structures we take into account obligations to pay indirect taxes such as VAT (Europe), ease of employment and ease of opening bank accounts in reputable banks, customs tariffs, corporate taxes, fiscal residency in accordance with double tax treaties. We can advise you on these points.

Ireland Portugal Italy Switzerland Netherlands USA Argentina Brazil Hungary

Companies often need the legalisation and translation of documents for legal matters or with tax authorities. We can offer services for Spain and often elsewhere.

Note about our professional work

We are accountants, corporate governance specialists; we legalise papers in Spain and assist in the incorporation of companies. We work in a legal and professional environment, and we always need information about customers in accordance with the law. In many circumstances customers need to apply for tax refunds, so our reputation with the authorities is very important. We propose legal solutions to business problems and in absolutely no circumstance can we propose or provide structures that can help in illegal tax evasion and money laundering, or assist in hiding assets which a taxpayer has an obligation to declare This not only includes illegal activities, but also avoidance of tax through legal loopholes, not intended by legislators.