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Company Incorporation in Germany

How to start a German limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Germany.



How to create a new company in Germany?


Constitute the GmbH (Limited Liability Company) quickly and competently.

The legal model of Limited Partnership is currently the most widely used in business. The Limited Partnership can only be established by the granting of the notarial deed in approving the Statutes of the Society.

How many people are needed to constitute a German company?

They can be formed by one or more persons (individuals or corporate entities)

What capital base is needed?

Require a minimum share capital, paid or signed, of € 25,000.

The capital of the GmbH is not supplied in the form of stock certificates, shareholders holding shares in the company according to their initial contribution.

The minimum participation is € 250 or any higher amount divisible by fifty.

What are the rules?

Shareholders drafted the Articles of Association (Gesellschaftsvertrag) of society. These statutes should include the name, establishment, the aims of society and the initial amount of contribution by each shareholder.

The non-mandatory provisions that appear in items may include conditions for the transfer of property rights and procedures for amending the capital base of the firm.