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Company Incorporation in the UK: England & Wales, Scotland

How to start a British limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the UK. For Ireland here



How to incorporate your company in England & Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland.

Advantages of incorporating in the UK

UK non-resident company reino-unido
Company Structures in the UK
UK Public Company- PLC
UK Limited Liability Partnership- LLP

There is a lot of accounting flexibility and there is no need to go to the UK to incorporate a company there.

We can offer all types of company in the UK.

The normal type of company is the limited liability company. We have ready-made companies which can be used, and we can incorporate within hours of asking.

Tax Issues in the UK

A company in the UK is taxed at 21% on corporate income after expenses. This does not mean that any income from other sources outside the country are subject to the same treatment. Nevertheless it could be possible to elect for the company to be taxed outside the UK, in whcih case there would be no tax payable in the UK,

Getting a VAT number in the UK

A company incorporated in the UK does not start life with a VAT number.

To obtain a VAT number, you need to prove

  • that the company has a movement of goods in the United Kingdom, or an import and export of goods to and from the country.
  • that there are clients in the UK; and that VAT needs to be charged
  • or that there are suppliers in the UK; and a VAT number is needed for the repayment of VAT