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Company Incorporation in Brazil

How to start a Brazilian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Brazil.



Features of a company in Brazil

Detailed process for incorporating in Brazil brasil
  • They are simple to set up
  • It takes two partners, which may be natural or jurídicas.
  • No have to be Brazilian or have residence or domicile in Brazil, but you have to appoint representatives in Brazil. Members who are natural persons domiciled abroad, need to enroll in the Individual lCatastro of the Ministry of Finance - "Cadastro de pessoas Physics - Ministério da Fazenda" (CPF)
  • No need to publish annual accounts of the society
  • The object of the company is specific and must be included in the Memorandum of Association.
  • The name of the company should have to have something to do with the object of society

The Constitution of the Company in Brazil

The articles of incorporation of Limited Company may be a private contract. There is no minimum capital of society, but capital should be adequate for the purposes of society. If capital come from abroad, we must record the capital to repatriate the capital later.

The "Junta Comercial" court must register thel shares before incorporation.

We must prepare and legalise the Power of Attorney to have a professional acting on your behalf in Brazil.

The constitution takes between one and two months.

Commercial Companies in Brazil

Commercial companies must register with the Board of Trade of the State where the headquarters of the Company. (in São Paulo, in the JUCESP - "Junta Comercial do Estado de São Paulo")

Civil Companies in Brazil

Civil societies are more dedicated to intellectual activities such as provision of services by professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, doctors, dentists, singers etc.).Civil societies should be registered with the "Civil Registration Offices Pessoas Jurídicas".